Combined Aesthetics

Combined Aesthetics

Combined aesthetics is the application of several different aesthetic procedures together. Generally, it is aimed to achieve better results by performing different aesthetic procedures in the face area together. For example, the application of different procedures such as rhinoplasty, chin aesthetics and lip augmentation to a person can be called combined aesthetics.

Combined aesthetic procedures can be customized to individuals’ personal needs and preferences. These procedures are usually performed in the same session and the healing process can often be longer than other aesthetic procedures. Combined aesthetic procedures can help a person achieve a younger, livelier and more attractive appearance. However, as with any aesthetic procedure, combined aesthetic procedures involve risks and should therefore be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.


What You Need to Know Before and After Combined Aesthetics

Here are some important things you should know before and after the combined aesthetic procedure:


  1. Consult a specialist plastic surgeon or dermatologist: Combined aesthetic procedures should only be performed by specialist physicians. Therefore, you should definitely consult a specialist before the procedure.
  2. Evaluate your health: Combined aesthetic procedures may not be suitable for people with certain health problems. Therefore, you should consult a doctor to assess your health before the procedure.
  3. Preparations before the procedure: You should make the preparations recommended by your doctor before the procedure. These may be steps such as quitting smoking, stopping your blood thinners, etc.


  1. Be prepared for the healing process: Combined aesthetic procedures may take longer due to the combination of several procedures. Therefore, you should be prepared for the healing process.
  2. Follow the post-procedure recommendations: Your doctor will give you post-procedural recommendations. Following them will speed up your healing process.
  3. Swelling and bruises are normal: Swelling and bruises are normal in combined aesthetic procedures. These symptoms may last for a few days or weeks, but will disappear over time.
  4. Be aware of the risks: Combined aesthetic procedures can carry risks like any surgical procedure. Therefore, you should be informed about the risks before the procedure and, if necessary, take steps to reduce the risks with your doctor.

As a result, making the right preparations before and after the combined aesthetic procedure and following your doctor’s recommendations will help you recover faster and achieve the results you expect.

Kombine Estetik İşlemi Öncesi ve Sonrası Bilmeniz Gerekenler

Requirements for Combined Aesthetics

There are the following requirements for combined aesthetics:

  1. Health status: The person who wants to have a combined aesthetic procedure must be healthy. Since anesthesia will be administered during the procedure, it is also important that the person is suitable for anesthesia. In addition, the combined aesthetic procedure may not be suitable for people with certain chronic health problems.
  2. Age: There is no age limit for performing combined aesthetic procedures. However, it is expected that the puberty period will end and the bone structures will fully develop.
  3. Expectations: Before having a combined aesthetic procedure, the expectations and goals of the person should be discussed with the physician. The person’s expectations will help decide on the methods and procedures to be used during the procedure.
  4. Understanding the risks: Combined aesthetic procedures carry risks like other aesthetic procedures. Before the procedure, your doctor will tell you about the risks and determine whether you are suitable for it.
  5. Preparations before the procedure: The person who will undergo the combined aesthetic procedure may need to make some preparations before the procedure, such as a healthy diet, not smoking, stopping the use of drugs such as blood thinners and aspirin.
  6. Post-procedure care: After the combined aesthetic procedure, the healing process is important. The person should care as recommended by his doctor, follow the recommendations and make regular checks.

As a result, it is necessary to be healthy, to discuss expectations and goals, to understand the risks, to make preparations before the procedure and to do regular post-procedure care in order to perform the combined aesthetic procedure. These factors will ensure that the combined aesthetic procedure is performed successfully and safely.

Kombine Estetik Yapılabilmesi İçin Gerekenler

What are the Advantages of Combined Aesthetic Surgery?

Combined aesthetic surgeries are a type of surgery in which more than one aesthetic surgical procedure is performed at the same time. These surgeries can have many advantages. Here are some of the advantages of combined plastic surgery:

  1. Multiple Procedures in a Shorter Time: Combined aesthetic surgeries save time by performing more than one procedure at the same time. In this way, patients do not have to undergo separate surgeries for separate procedures.
  2. Less Anesthesia Risk: Combined aesthetic surgeries carry less anesthesia risk compared to separate procedures. This is because simultaneous procedures are performed under a single anaesthetic.
  3. Less Surgical Stress: Combined plastic surgeries reduce the stress of separate surgeries. In this way, patients spend less time preparing for multiple surgeries, recovering and getting through the rehabilitation process.
  4. Less Cost: Combined cosmetic surgeries may be less costly than the costs of separate surgeries. In this way, patients can have plastic surgery more economically by performing more than one procedure at once.
  5. Longer-Term Effect: Combined aesthetic surgeries may result in longer-lasting results as more than one procedure is performed in a single operation. In this way, patients can enjoy the aesthetic appearance for longer periods of time.
Kombine Estetik Ameliyatlarının Avantajları Nelerdir?

Is Combined Aesthetics Suitable for All Age Ranges?

Combined aesthetics is a treatment method that consists of applying different aesthetic procedures together. Depending on the age range, it is necessary to decide which aesthetic procedures will be performed. Generally, combined aesthetic methods can be applied to all age groups, but the suitability of certain procedures depends on factors such as the person’s skin structure, lifestyle, and general health.

For example, procedures commonly performed among young people may include rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, and skin rejuvenation, while in middle-aged people, facelift, eyelid aesthetics, and botox may be the most common procedures. In old age, more face lift, neck lift and filler applications may be preferred.

Therefore, combined aesthetic procedures may be suitable for all age groups, but it is important to make a customized planning according to the age, skin structure and needs of the person. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to consult a specialist plastic surgeon for combined aesthetic procedures.

Kombine Estetik Her Yaş Aralığına Uygun Mudur?

Combined Aesthetic Surgery Prices

Combined aesthetics is a treatment method that includes many different aesthetic procedures. Therefore, prices may vary by country, by practice and by the experience of the treating physician. In addition, prices may vary depending on the scope of treatment, the needs and preferences of the patient.

However, in general, combined aesthetic treatments are more expensive than other aesthetic procedures. Prices can vary between 10,000 and 30,000 TL on average. However, remember that before deciding on any treatment, you need to consider many factors. To get the best price and best results, I recommend consulting with many doctors to compare prices and understand the potential risks and benefits of treatment.

Op. Dr. Semih Günay

Dr. Günay specializes in combined aesthetic surgical interventions. In this field, he has expertise in performing many aesthetic surgeries at the same time. As a surgeon who has successfully performed many aesthetic interventions such as abdomen, breast and nose, he stands out in his profession.

Op. Dr. Semih Günay

Dr. Günay specializes in combined aesthetic surgical interventions. In this field, he has expertise in performing many aesthetic surgeries at the same time. As a surgeon who has successfully performed many aesthetic interventions such as abdomen, breast and nose, he stands out in his profession.

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