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Prominent Ear Surgery

Prominent ear surgery is the surgery performed when the ears are small or drooping. Surgery is done to restore the natural appearance of the ears and is usually performed in children. The main purpose of the surgery is to return the ears to their natural position. The surgery is performed by the doctor with gold needles or other tools used to hold the ears in place. Surgery is usually done to straighten the ears, which are the main ear protrusions. The surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia and is subjected to various applications to correct the shape of the ears. Thus, the natural appearance of the ears is restored. A daily bandage should be used to keep the ears in their natural position after the surgery.


What is Prominent Ear?

Prominent ear is a condition in which the ears appear to be more open or extended outwards. It is medically referred to as “prominent ear” and is usually a congenital condition.

Prominent ear is caused by the incomplete formation of natural folds or clefts in the cartilage structure of the auricle. For this reason, the auricle protrudes more from the side of the head and can be clearly noticed on the face.

Prominent ear can cause social problems, especially in childhood, often when the child enters school age. This can lower the child’s self-esteem and cause problems such as lack of self-confidence and psychological problems in the child.

Prominent ear can usually be corrected surgically and a series of procedures can be performed that will allow the ears to be placed on the side of the head in a more natural way.

Kepçe Kulak (Prominent Ear) Nedir?

What Causes Prominent Ear Appearance?

The prominent ear appearance is when the auricle appears more protruding and wider than normal. This condition is usually a congenital trait and may be inherited. Prominent ear can also occur in cases where the cartilage structure of the auricle is different from normal.

Prominent ears can create an aesthetically disturbing appearance and cause psychological effects such as lack of self-confidence and social anxiety in some people. However, prominent ear does not have any health problems and usually does not require treatment.

However, some people may want their ears to appear less protruding, and in this case, the surgical option of otoplasty may be considered. Otoplasty is a procedure that reshapes the cartilage tissue in the auricle, making the ears less protruding. However, surgical procedures such as otoplasty always involve risks, and it is therefore recommended that people who are dissatisfied with their ear appearance discuss different options by talking to their doctor.

Kepçe Kulak Görünümü Neden Olur?

What is Normal Ear Anatomy?

The ear is an organ that contains the hearing and balance systems of the human body. Normal ear anatomy consists of three parts:

  1. Outer Ear: The outer ear consists of the outer ear, which is also known as the auricle, and the ear canal. The pinna collects sound waves and directs them to the ear canal. The ear canal carries sound waves towards the eardrum.
  2. Middle Ear: The middle ear is an air-filled space between the eardrum and the inner ear. In the middle ear, the three ossicles, the hammer, anvil, and stirrup, work to transmit vibrations received by the eardrum to the inner ear.
  3. Inner Ear: The inner ear consists of two parts, the hearing part, also known as the cochlear, and the balance part, called the vestibular part. The inner ear provides the function of hearing by transmitting the sound waves transmitted by the eardrum to the brain via the auditory nerve. In addition, the vestibular part is important for the balance system, which controls the position and movements of the body.

These three parts are important for ear functions and together they form the normal ear anatomy.

When is Prominent Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) Performed?

Prominent ear surgery can be performed in childhood after the ears have completed their development (usually after 6 years of age) or at any time in adulthood. Usually, surgery for children is done during the preschool years because children at this age are at higher risk of being teased or bullied by other children. However, the main criterion for surgery is that the person is uncomfortable with the shape of his ears and wants to change them. Therefore, it can be done at any age. Surgery is done to correct the size and shape of the ears and is often performed under general anaesthetic. After the surgery, the patient should bandage their ears tightly and not touch their ears for a few days until the bandage is removed. The recovery period after surgery usually takes a few weeks and it is important to avoid activities such as sports and heavy lifting in the postoperative period.

Kepçe Kulak Ameliyatı (Otoplasti) Ne Zaman Yapılır?

What Are the other methods Used in Prominent Ear Surgery?

  1. MICRO-OTOERMIC EAR SURGERY: This method is a safer and more effective treatment than open surgery. It is performed by a specialist ear, nose and throat surgeon with micro-autoterminological techniques. These techniques include ear reduction by making a small hole in the ear, straightening the ear shell and straightening the ear gate and ear cavities.
  2. CARTILOGIC EAR EAR SURGERY: This method is used to close the ear shell and ear door. The surgical procedure involves covering the upper part of the ear shell with a small piece of cartilage from a hip.
  3. EAR RHINOPLASTIC SURGERY: This surgery is a method used to bring the external appearance of the ears to the desired level. It is often used to correct misalignment of the ears. Rhinoplasty involves small plantings used to correct the shape of the ears.

Is There a Non-Surgical Solution for Prominent Ear Deformities?

Prominent ear deformities are a genetic condition seen in most children and teenagers. Prominent ear deformity is a condition that causes the ears to be uneven or take an unwanted shape. Usually, this deformity occurs in early childhood and adolescence and can be seen in adults in rare cases. Prominent ear deformity can be corrected through surgery or other treatment methods. However, there are also non-surgical solutions for prominent ear deformity. These include face masks, pillows, hats, special earplugs and headbands. These products can be used to correct the shape of the ears and to change the unwanted shape of the ears. However, it should be noted that these products do not provide a permanent solution and are only a temporary solution.

What are the Duties of Parents in Prominent Ear Surgery?

  1. Before surgery, parents need to thoroughly read and understand all the information given by their child’s doctor.
  2. Before the surgery, parents should meet the child’s needs during the hospital stay, provide the necessary support to ensure the child’s calmness, and take the necessary measures to reduce the stress of the child during the surgery.
  3. Parents are required to follow all recommendations to be followed in the post-operative period of the child and to give any medical treatment or medication recommended by the doctor in a timely manner.
  4. Parents need to take the necessary precautions to protect the child and pay special attention to the child’s recovery after surgery.
  5. Parents should take the necessary precautions to prevent the child from participating in physical and mental activities in the postoperative period.

What Does the Prominent Ear Preoperative Evaluation Include?

The evaluation before prominent ear surgery is an examination process to evaluate the general health status of the patient, the structure of the ears, the risks and whether the surgery is necessary. The main components of the assessment are:

  1. Health status of the patient: Preoperative health status is evaluated. It is being investigated whether the patient has allergic reactions or other health problems.
  2. The structure of their ears: The structure of their ears is being studied. Consideration is given to how prominent ears are formed, which regions are affected, and whether surgery is necessary.
  3. Risks: The risks required for the surgery are being investigated. It is examined whether the patient is at risk and what should be done to prevent complications that may occur during the surgery.
  4. Is surgery necessary?: It is being investigated whether the surgery is necessary, what the results of the surgery will be, and whether the surgery will cause any problems for the patient.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed?

Prominent ear surgery is also known as ear relief and shaping. This surgery is done to flatten, shape or bulge prominent ears. Surgery is usually done during childhood, but adults can also benefit from this surgery.

Prominent ear surgery is mostly performed under local anesthesia. For an ear surgery to be successful, your doctor must thoroughly evaluate the shape, size, and features of your ears. During surgery, your doctor may cut, remove, or add extra skin or tissue to correct the shape of your ears.

After surgery, you may have mild swelling or redness in your ears. Your doctor will recommend pain relievers and a dressing. You can also wear special earplugs to protect your ears after surgery.

After prominent ear surgery, it may take about one to two months for your ears to look normal. Results may vary from person to person.

Kepçe Kulak Ameliyatı Nasıl Yapılır?

Daily Life After Auricular Surgery

After auricular surgery, it may take up to a few days for the patient to return to his daily life. The first few days after surgery may make the patient feel more tired than usual. Post-operative pain may vary depending on the patient’s personal situation and the area where the surgery is performed.

When the patient returns to his daily life after the surgery, it is important to clean and moisturize the skin to help the surgical site heal. After the surgery, it is recommended that the patient’s skin be protected from the harmful rays of the sun and only wear clean and dry clothes. At the same time, it is recommended to clean the surgical area of ​​the patient superficially and moisten it with water.

After the auricle surgeries, it is important to protect the surgical area of ​​the patients, not to cut the hair surrounding the surgery area and not to directly damage the auricle. In order to protect the auricle, it is recommended that the patient avoid heavy objects carried for a long time, not be exposed to too much squeezing or pulling, not wear narrow earphones, and use earplugs that support the auricle.

It is important that the patient performs all the procedures necessary for the patient to heal the surgical site after the operation. In addition, when the patient returns to his daily life after surgery, it is recommended to continue to seek help from health professionals and to make timely control visits.

Is There a Risk of Prominent Ear Surgery?

Prominent ear surgery, like any surgical attempt, can have any complications or risks. The most common complication is the risk of infections or tissue damage that may occur in the postoperative period. These risks may be higher, especially if the surgery is done poorly. Prominent ear surgery also has other risks, such as anesthesia risks or general health risks. These risks may vary depending on the use of anesthesia and general health. For this reason, it is recommended that you discuss your health status and risks with your doctor before each surgery.

Is Auricular Surgery Permanent?

Auricle surgery is a surgical procedure to correct shape or size defects in the auricle. The results of auricular surgery are permanent, but in some cases, a small amount of change may occur.

After the auricle surgery, the shape and size of the auricle is changed, resulting in a more aesthetic appearance. However, short-term side effects such as swelling, bruising and tenderness may occur after surgery. Also, some patients may need to have the sutures removed.

The results of auricular surgery are usually permanent, but auricle remodeling may develop due to aging process, genetic factors or trauma. Therefore, regular follow-up after surgery is recommended.

As a result, the results of auricular surgery are permanent, but in some cases, there may be changes. It is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations after the surgery and to follow up regularly for the permanence of the result.

What is the Price of Prominent Ear Surgery?

The price of prominent ear surgery varies according to countries, cities, hospitals and doctors. In addition, factors such as the type of hospital where the operation will be performed, the difficulty of the operation, and post-operative care may also affect the price.

For example, the price of prominent ear surgery in Turkey can vary between 4000-7000 TL on average. However, prices may be higher in private hospitals or renowned doctors.

Prices in other countries may also vary. For example, the price of prominent ear surgery in the USA can vary between 2000-5000 USD on average. Average prices in European countries may vary between 2000-6000 Euros.

For more precise information on the price of prominent ear surgery, you can check the price list of the doctor or hospital who will perform the surgery, or you can get price information by contacting directly. However, it is recommended to stay away from places where the price is low but there are problems in terms of quality and safety.

Op. Dr. Semih Günay

Dr. Günay specializes in combined aesthetic surgical interventions. In this field, he has expertise in performing many aesthetic surgeries at the same time. As a surgeon who has successfully performed many aesthetic interventions such as abdomen, breast and nose, he stands out in his profession.

Op. Dr. Semih Günay

Dr. Günay specializes in combined aesthetic surgical interventions. In this field, he has expertise in performing many aesthetic surgeries at the same time. As a surgeon who has successfully performed many aesthetic interventions such as abdomen, breast and nose, he stands out in his profession.

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